Po'Righteous Teacher is a Movement. 

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This is a deliberate effort to eliminate the reading deficits that contribute to the achievement and opportunity gap that plagues minority boys of color.

Reading is a problem for black boys. Only 10 percent of eighth-grade black boys in the U.S. are proficient in reading. Improving third-grade literacy is among the priorities detailed by the 10 leading foundations working with the White House on the My Brother’s Keeper. Reading is a TREMENDOUS component to assisting with success beyond K-12, its a lifelong necessity.



The P.O. Righteous Teacher initiative speaks to an unwavering allegiance to educational reform for minority students by providing consulting, training programs and youth development programs to low performing students in low income schools. Understanding the type of commitment required to implement effective change in this environment, our strategies include culturally relevant best practices, research based programs and crisis management techniques that are directly associated with altering the climate and culture of any academic institution; creating a learning environment that is healthy which enables both teachers and students to thrive.

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