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Po'Righteous Teacher is a movement. The P.O. could stand for a number of things: Positive Outlook, Pure Obligation, Po'et, Pure Outlandish; anything but POOR, because the culture is filthy rich. Research indicates that white male students are three times more likely to be reading proficiently in the fourth grade than their African-American peers and more than twice as likely as Hispanic boys, according to a data analysis by the Annie E. Casey Foundation's KIDS COUNT Data Center.  The statistics are even more startling for children of color from low-income families, with just 10 percent of the African-American boys and 14 percent of Hispanic boys reading proficiently, compared to 25 percent for their white peers, which is why proceeds from our merchandise will be used to provide scholarships for reading interventions to rising 3rd through 5th grade students of color to assist with reading proficiency. This is a deliberate effort to eliminate the reading deficits that contribute to the achievement and opportunity gap that plagues minority boys of color.

"Once you learn to read you'll be free forever." ~ Frederick Douglass

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